Touching Awe Print Series (2019)

“Touching Awe 3″ (2019). Reductive Woodcut and Copper Etching. 18″ x 24”.

“Touching Awe 2″ (2019). Reductive Woodcut and Copper Etching. 24″ x 18”.

“Touching Awe 1″ (2019). Reductive Woodcut and Copper Etching. 18″ x 24”.

In the series Touching Awe, I hand draw figures found on crowdfunding sites, websites like GoFundMe.and Kickstarter, interacting with newly invented digital technology. I combine these drawings, most of which utilize a pointing finger reminiscent of Michelangelo’s finger of God, with references to historical imagery used to express awe. I propose that how a body interacts with a ‘smart’ device reflects how one might bow in prayer, or touch a pieta. Using woodcut and etching techniques with  interactive technology and highly saturated colour, I physically and conceptually bridge traditional and contemporary art making. Whether a religious or technology driven paradigm, our physical gestures can reflect power dynamics implicit to our interactions. I am drawn to the spectacle in technology, and as such I observe the influence of this sense of awe in my life.

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