The Games We Play (2019)

“The Games We Play” is an interactive installation created to involve the viewer as an active agent to play short videos. I created a program, which emulates a rudimentary game set up, to play animations triggered by physical buttons. The videos are simple animations hand drawn over video footage. I focus in on three games, or acts of play, that usually depend upon two or more people to function. By editing out the other humans (or dog) I explore what our physical bodies in play can reveal of interactions between each other, and interactions in isolation with our devices. The boxes that replace the humans began as a simple visual stand in for ‘The Machine’ in the man/machine narrative, but evolved into a more surreal exploration of play. I use buttons as an anachronism to how we might play with contemporary devices. Can the simple motion of pressing a button call to something that feels obsolete? I am excited about ¬†buttons, and offer the act of pressing as the moment of play with the art.

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