Breanna Thompson

Artist | Student | Life Enthusiast

Artist Statement

Contemporary Artist from Edmonton


I am a Visual Artist working in Printmaking, Interactive Art and Painting. Themes of human relationships with machines, devices, or tools recur in my work. Reciprocal Presupposition, a term taken from Deleuze to describe a relationship wherein the parts continuously redefine each other, is a lens through which I observe digital communities and the meat world around me.I navigate the illusion of disembodiment in the digital age. Terms like “Posthuman” illicit fear and excitement in me, so I experiment artistically to explore ways in which my body is, in fact, not redundant.

Combining woodcut and etching techniques with  interactive technology and highly saturated colour, I physically and conceptually bridge traditional and contemporary art making. Whether a religious or technology driven paradigm, our physical gestures can reflect power dynamics implicit to our interactions. I am drawn to the spectacle in technology, and as such I observe the influence of this sense of awe in my life. Exhausted by incessant screen use, ever rapid distribution of novelty, and personal battles with escapism and excess, I am an artist caught in-between asking, “what is the value of experience, how do I define value, and where is my body in a digital society?”


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